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Rescue Work

Megan's Rescue Efforts Society

In February of 2017 our family was lucky enough to come across Megan's Rescue Efforts. As we had just lost our beloved dogs, Karmell (15 yrs) and Benji (7yrs) in the previous months, it was a big decision when to get another pup.  I watched the posts and out came the story of a couple of pups, Zoey and Veya. Zoey who had been rescued the year before from the reserve, had severe mange caused by malnutrition and stress.  Veya suffered from malnutrition so badly you could see every bone.  I read their stories and watched their progress over the next few months and was astounded at the amount of work and money that had gone into getting them healthy. but it was Zoey, her floppy ear and that beautiful face that  kept tugging at my heart.  Finally Zoey had been cleared by the vet to be adopted. Yet still I hesitated, unsure if we were ready.  I must have filled out the adoption application 10 times before I actually sent it.  Anyone who has adopted and fallen in love will know the anticipation and fear of not getting the pup you've chosen.  Fortunately, it was meant to be and we have never looked back.  Zoey reminds me to take joy out of each day and to make sure she is included in that:) She is our companion in everything, especially everything outdoors.  I am so thankful.

Of course, I kept watching the posts and that is how we found our latest addition Ogopogo. Our sweet, adventurous kitty. He has fit into our family quite nicely.  After being blessed with these wonderful creatures I knew I had to give back! That is how I came to volunteer for this amazing rescue run by a wonderful caring human. It is a foster/volunteer based rescue without big name support.  Please check out the rescue website and Facebook page to watch for our fundraising events!